A Little Bedlam


Beau, Jamie, Joe

Guest Artist

Valerie Thompson

Recorded at Etcetera Music Studios, Olathe, Kansas, July 1995

Produced by Maid in the Myddle

Engineered by Scott Saia and Jake Rast

Cover Art by Sonya Baughman

Track Listing

1.Tom O’Bedlam’s SongTraditional, arranged Maid in the Myddle3:40
2.Huntington’s Castle/The ButterflyTraditional, arranged Maid in the Myddle6:50
3.Barbara AllenTraditional, arranged Maid in the Myddle3:45
4.The Whistling GypsyTraditional, arranged Maid in the Myddle3:50

A short tape of only four songs. A test for audience response to our arrangements and a method of making enough money to finish Of Home And Away.

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