Mirror of Youth



Guest Artists

Lee Worman, Mary Strobl, Cheryl Pace, Richelle Basgall, Mark Clavey, Vic Dougherty, Shelly Franklin

Recorded at Alpha Music Studios, Lenexa, Kansas, November, 1992 through January, 1993

Produced by Joseph Simunac

Engineered by Glenn Major

Track Listing

1.The Cuckoo’s NestTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac2:46
2.Rachel’s DelightJoseph Simunac3:01
3.Mirror of YouthJoseph Simunac4:50
4.Clark’s Hornpipe/The ReconciliationTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:31
5.Hardiman the Fiddler/Butterfly/Harkness HornpipeTraditional/Traditional/Joseph Simunac4:47
6.Donal O’BrienTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac2:33
7.Last House of Connaght/Boys of Portaferry
Traditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:35
8.The Bonnie Earl o’ Moray/Athole HighlandersTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac and Benjamin Britten4:48
9.Haste to the Wedding/Kesh JigTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:36
10.The Ash GroveTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac5:35
11.Banish Misfortune/The Blarney PilgrimTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac5:38
12.March of the Meeiatoiteen BullTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:14
13.Untitled Jig/Miss Casey/Humors of GlendartTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac4:29
14.Thistlecot/Black Mare of Fanad
Traditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:54
15.Bring On the StarlightJerry Spurlock2:40

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