The next day we were up really early for our trip to the Blue Mountains. It was cloudy, and rain was forecast. Too bad, since our visit up to now had been blessed with beautiful sunny skies and warm temperatures.

We had booked the trip with Sydney Adventure Tours, and the day looked intriguing. Our driver picked us up in a Hummer. After all the people were on board, we were off to our first stop – the Featherdale Wildlife Park. Here are some pictures.

We left the wildlife park and journeyed into the Australian bush. Our final destination was Mt. Wilson for lunch. We travelled there by way of a fire trail – definitely one lane, and some places barely that. We stopped a few times to get pictures. A eucalyptus forest smells like nothing else in the world. And it’s really beautiful. Take a look!

We arrived at a little park where we learned to throw a boomerang. It’s something of an art – at least to do it well. We crossed the road into the Cathedral of Ferns, an area with very large tree ferns and the biggest eucalyptus I’ve ever seen!

We continued on to the Mt. Wilson Post House Cafe, an historic building in Mt. Wilson. Here we had lunch – Australian barbecue, which is quite different from American barbecue. It was a good lunch in good company with beautiful scenery. After lunch, we went to a lookout over the Kanimbla Valley, where we learned how to play the didgeridoo. We then went on to the Three Sisters overlooking the Jamison Valley. Here are the pictures.

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was raining – or at least misting heavily. This was somewhat disappointing, since I had planned to try some time exposures of the bridge and opera house. I decided that, rain or not, I had to at least try. It was our last full day in Australia, after all. So here are the results.

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