Merry Olde Inn

Merry Olde Inn


Vic, Richelle, Joe

recorded at Alpha Music Studios, Lenexa, Kansas on January 15 & 16, 1988

Produced and engineered by Glenn Major

Track Listing

1.The Bonnie Maid of Fyvie-O/Flowers of EdinburghTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle4:16
2.Gilgarra MountainTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle3:06
3.Will Ye Go To Flanders?Traditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle4:00
4.Swallowtail/Stool of Repentance/Leather ButtonsTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle4:00
5.Good AleTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle3:04
6.Johnny BoogerTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle1:59
7.Jock StewartTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle2:30
8.Merry Olde InnVictor Dougherty2:16
9.Whiskey, You’re the DevilTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle2:04
10.KillecrankieTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle3:54
11.Planxty George Brabazon/Over the Bridge To PeggyTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle4:04
12.The Leaving of LiverpoolTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle4:24
13.Wild RoverTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle2:50
14.The Blooming Heather (Wild Mountain Thyme)
Traditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle3:36

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