Soldier, Sailor


Vic, Richelle, Joe

Guest Artist – Mike Dugger, guitar

Recorded at Alpha Music Studios, Lenexa, Kansas from January to March, 1989

Produced by Michael Dugger

Engineered by Glenn Major

Track Listing

1.The Bonnie Ship, The Diamond/Cats in the Grass
Traditional/Richelle Basgall4:44
2.Rolling Down To Old MauiTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle3:14
3.Three FishersTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle3:05
4.Jeannie McCollTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle1:30
5.Banks Of SicilyTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle4:00
6.Newman’s Reel/Stamberger BunsVictor Dougherty3:33
7.Massacre At Glencoe/Skye Boat SongTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle6:06
8.St. Brendan’s Fair IsleJimmie Driftwood4:26
9.Farewell, NancyTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle3:48
10.Roddy McCorleyTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle3:57
11.NonesuchTraditional, arr. Maid in the Myddle2:10

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