Rattlin’, Roarin’

(March 1992)


Guest Artists

Lee Worman, Cathy Hartman, Mary Strobl, Barbara Weeks, Carl Cook, Kale Soukup

Recorded at Alpha Music Studios, Lenexa, Kansas, January, 1992

Produced by Joseph Simunac

Engineered by Glenn Major

Cover Art by Ann Lozano

Track Listing

1.Amazing Grace/Bride’s ReelTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:21
2.Dispute at the CrossroadsTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac2:01
3.Grace Hay’s DelightTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac2:45
4.Sullivan Ballou
Joseph Simunac3:59
5.Knights of St. Patrick/The WoodcockTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:12
6.Farewell to TarwaitheTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac4:18
7.Untitled Double Jig/Billy Rush’s
Traditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:18
8.The Bonnie Boy/The Bargain Is OverTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac4:13
9.Rattlin’, Roarin’ WillieTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac1:56
10.Miss Sharpe’s Fancy/Stormy WeatherTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:31
11.somewhere i have never travelledJoseph Simuanc3:26
12.O’Connor’s Favorite/Broken BridgeTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac4:14
13.Ashokan FarewellJay Unger3:35
14.Mason’s Apron/Jude’s BushTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:10
15.Sally Hunter of ThurstonTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:30
16.Lord MacDonald/Five Mile ChaseTraditional, arranged Joseph Simunac3:19

Rattlin’ Roarin’ was recorded at Alpha Music Studios in Lenexa, Kansas in January of 1992. Glenn Major was the audio engineer. It was my first attempt at a solo album, and was a comedy of errors in many ways. We actually tried to start recording in October, but Glen’s new 16-track tape deck was not in yet. November came and went and still nothing was done. The deck finally arrived in December, but then had to be wired in and tested, so it wasn’t until January that I finally got in to record.

Soon after I started, Maid in the Myddle decided to add seven more tracks to our With Love tape and release it as a CD. Also, we decided to do a joint tape with the Jolly Rogers, which turned into Argosy. All these projects had to be finished by the first week of February, since we were performing at the Arizona Renaissance Festival for the following two months. Lee was a prince through all of this, producing both Argosy and the With Lovetracks, and performing and providing moral support on Rattlin’ Roarin’.

On the last possible day for recording, I discovered that one of the songs I was going to include just wasn’t going to work – my voice was shot from all the Maid in the Myddle work and just wasn’t up for it. Lee asked if there was anything else I could do. I had always liked the Scottish jig, Grace Hay’s Delight, but never could decide what to do with it. I laid down the tune and then improvised three other parts, but couldn’t decide what to do with the bass line. Glenn let me come in early the next morning and I finished what turned out to be a very Baroque-sounding track – totally improvised. I wish my music could all sound that good.

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